How can I get housing?
Fill out an application to have your eligibility determined.  Please note- you must be a county resident of Summit or Wayne to be eligible for our respective housing in those areas.

Do you accept people with felonies?
Yes.  We do take people with felonies.  We do not take people with arson charges, those having to register as a sex offender and those with drug manufacturing charges.  All others are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Do you help people with rent assistance or utility bills?
No, OMCDC does not have funds available for rental assistance.  We would urge anyone that is in danger of becoming homeless to fill out an application.

What are the eligibility requirements for getting housing?
The requirements can vary by project but for all projects you must be below 50% of the Area Median Income and/or homeless.  You also must be a permanent resident of the area you wish to live. For permanent housing you must have a chronic condition such as a physical or mental health disability.  In order to qualify for transitional housing you must be working or going to school.

Do you have apartments for two parent families?
At this time we do not have any two parent family units.  We do have housing for female head of household families with minor children under the age of 18.

How much is the rent?
All rent amounts are calculated based on income. Rent is 30% of your adjusted gross income.

Do the apartments come furnished?
The majority of our units are furnished.

Where are the apartments located?
Most units are located in Summit County.  All are close to bus routes and amenities.

How long is the waiting list?
The lists are different for all of our housing and can change every day.  There are longer waits for single, unshared apartments.   We encourage applicants to be open to all possible living situations.

What documents do I need to have available to get housing?
We will need to see your picture id and social security card, and income verification.

How can I check my application status?
It is not necessary to check on your application.  We will call you for an interview.  If your contact info changes, please leave a message with your new information at 330-315-3730.